Covid sanitation

Safety first.


We wash and sanitise our vehicles after every service, using professional, certified indoor ozone sanitisers.
Ozone, an exceptionally powerful natural disinfectant, leaves no dangerous residues after sanitising.

Studies have shown that ozone breaks down Covid-19 with more than 99% effectiveness.
This cleaning-sanitising system, effective against all viruses and bacteria, is safe for human health.
In addition:

  • Alcohol-based dispensers are provided on all vehicles, enabling frequent hand cleansing.
  • Our company adheres to Italian Ministry of Health regulations for 100% capacity coaches.
  • Minibuses and coaches operate with the maximum possible natural ventilation.
  • Vehicle heating and cooling systems are regularly maintained for elimination of viruses and bacteria.
  • We pay particular attention to all surfaces that may be touched by passengers, providing constant sanitisation.
Poggibus sanification